Pollard was a traitor.  He gave our book of spying methodology to another country who then used it against us.

Israel is an ally of the United States.  It is not a friend of the United States.  If a person is a friend, they do not say or do things that will hurt you.  The same is not true for an ally.

Witness the United States' wiretapping of the phone of the Brazilian politicians.  Brazil is an ally.  They are not a friend.

The United States lied to Polish leaders about the type of activities taking place on their soil in the black sites.  Because the United States and Poland are not friends.  They are allies.

There are those who will draw comparisons to Pollard and myself.  You are wrong.

My statement "Waterboarding is Torture, and Torture is Wrong" was written on an internal Intelligence Community blog.  It was classified, and only people with high security clearances could see it.  When I went public, it was only to announce that I was fired for criticizing torture.  Getting fired is not classified.  If I had not been fired, there would have been no story.

Pollard was the means by which Israel could take specific pieces of very valuable information - information that protects people's lives - and trade it to our non-allies in exchange for Israel's advantage.  It is unknown how many lives have been lost because of Pollard's actions.  Because you can never know that information.

Pollard hurt the United States more than any spy ever has.  People may feel they are helping Israel by advocating for his release from prison.  Really, except for PR reasons, Israel doesn't really care about Pollard.  Israel got what they wanted out of Pollard, and he is no longer of use to them.  Because they are a country - not a person, and an ally - not a friend. 


X-Flare Produces 'Magnetic Crochet'

> Space Weather News for March 30, 2014
> http://spaceweather.com
> X-FLARE: The magnetic canopy of sunspot AR2017 erupted yesterday, March 29th, producing an impulsive X1-class solar flare. Ionizing radiation from the flare produced electrical currents in Earth's upper atmosphere and a ripple in Earth's magnetic field detected by magnetometers across the dayside of our planet. Read more about this rare "magnetic crochet" and the possibility of more X-flares this weekend on today's edition of http://spaceweather.com.



Just since posting about an hour ago, my internet connection has died three times. I am now blogging from my phone.

These problems are just a preview of what we are all going to suffer with when that horrible COMCAST merger goes through.

When is the COMCAST contract with D.C. going to be renegotiated? How long are we stuck with these corrupt incompetent losers?

COMCAST hires the family of powerful politicians to grease the wheels of this monopolistic merger. No one cares that the U.S. economy is seriously hurt by small businesses being forced to use poor-quality service that is deliberately slowed.

COMCAST must die.

Sent from my iPhone

Why COMCAST Has To Die

They are awful.  The service is awful.  The connection they provide to the Internet is awful.  And now they want to provide Internet service to 30% of the United States.  Please don't do this to us!

When we moved into our apartment, the previous occupant had no cable connection.  We were located in a place where no wireless Internet provider would be able to reach us.  There was only one option: COMCAST.

The experience was horrible.  Over a period of a month and a half, COMCAST sent at least four technicians to "help" us, and each said the same thing.  They couldn't wire our cable from the box downstairs into our apartment, that had to be another crew.  And when that crew arrived, they said that the cable was right there and only needed to be connected, and the first crew should be able to do that.  Then the first crew would arrive, again.  This went on, back and forth, for six weeks.  Six weeks, and without the Internet during Snowmageddon here in DC.  Finally, we pleaded and yelled and one technician set up our COMCAST connection.

Then there was the time I was buying my first condo and a COMCAST mistake on my credit report was completely ignored until I phone the sales people and told them they needed to go next door and talk to the accounts people.  After trying to shove me off the phone, they finally agreed to address the problem.

And now, here we are in 2014. 

The judiciary has decided that net neutrality is not required.  That means COMCAST can encourage us to subscribe to their many useless channels by causing problems to Netflix.  Netflix has agreed to pay COMCAST protection money to prevent punishment of their loyal customers.

Let me tell you the unintended consequence of COMCAST's strong-arming:  problems for COMCAST customers all day long. 

You see, COMCAST does not have a competent employee base.  That is not something that was factored in their technical decision to mess with Netflix customers.  So ever since COMCAST decided to throw roadblocks in front of Netflix, their own services, separate from online video streaming, have gotten so much worse. 

It seems that a surgical strike against Netflix was beyond the ability of the technical wizards at COMCAST. 

Since that court decision, my COMCAST Internet connection just dies every few hours.  And frequently it will not come back for at least half an hour.  Watching YouTube videos is interrupted after a while as well, and YouTube is not a competitor to COMCAST.

I work at home.  This horrible COMCAST service costs me money.  It costs me time.  And the thought that 30% of the United States is going to be stuck with these jerks gives me hives.

Another problem with COMCAST is that it artificially lowers the speed of the Internet when a much-faster service could be made available.  Other countries have a very quick Internet connection.  Not here, the birthplace of the Internet.  Payoffs and corruption guarantee that we must suffer with lousy and slow service.

This is why COMCAST must die.  Our national competitiveness depends on it.  Our economy depends on it.  Our educational system depends on it.  Our future depends on it.


Savvy Psychologist on Procrastination

I knew it! Perfectionists are procrastinators.

She talks about reframing the task.

Waiting for the last minute to do something gives an excuse for not doing well. It is called self-handicapping.

Handy tips are provided.

Check out this great Podcast: http://www.quickanddirtytips.com/itunes/5472


Michigan Case Good for Foreclosure Victims

A Michigan Court of Appeals has just ruled that lower court’s decision to dismiss a case against JP Morgan Chase was in error.

JP Morgan Chase failed to record their interest in the mortgage note held by Eui H. and In Sook Kim. Eui H. and In Sook Kim then sued JP Morgan Chase for wrongful foreclosure. The case was initially dismissed, but that decision has been reversed by the appeals court because JP Morgan Chase’s interest in the mortgage was not recorded.

This decision has the possibility of affecting many other wrongful foreclosure suits in the United States.

Get more information at Axsmith.net. Christine Axsmith is a foreclosure defense attorney in DC and MD.

What Really happened in Atlanta


Email Response from UCM About Rapist at Their School

Begin forwarded message:

From: UCM Admissions <admit@ucmo.edu>
Subject: Re: Rapist at your school
Date: October 14, 2013 3:46:20 PM EDT

The university is required to allow all qualified and eligible students to pursue an education. UCM continues to uphold the rights and responsibilities of all students and employees.

The university is strongly committed to continuing to create a safe and supportive campus environment free from harassment and hostility. Consistent with this goal, we are sharing a link to resources available to the UCM community to support a safe and healthy campus for our students and employees.


On Sun, Oct 13, 2013 at 11:37 PM, XXX wrote:
You actually accepted Matthew Barnett, a rapist of a fourteen-year-old girl, into your school.

You know he'll do it again, and the publicity means you will be liable.

Matthew Barnett You Are a Piece of Shit

...  but more than that, you are a rapist.  And one has to wonder about University of Central Missouri, where a person with the low character of Matthew Barnett is allowed to attend. 

And just to give you people at University of Central Missouri a heads-up:  the notorious past of Matthew Barnett takes away future legal defenses from your school.  Specifically, if another girl claims that he gave her a drink and she blacks out, and then wakes up with cuts and bruises consistent with intercourse that she doesn't remember, the University of Central Missouri will not be able to defend against a lawsuit by claiming lack of foreseeability.  Admitting Matthew Barnett as a student is a serious liability for the University of Central Missouri.  Hell, just allowing Matthew Barnett on the University of Central Missouri campus is a serious liability.

And you know he's going to do it again.  Because that's who he is.  Just don't act surprised.